De Lindar's Persians CFA reg. cattery
De Lindar's Persians   CFA reg. cattery


Here can you see the pictures of some cats from the pedigree background of our cats !



THANK YOU goes to all wonderful breeders who did the hardest work and has shared with us the beautiful cats and pedigrees for our breeding program!

GC In Style Fall From Grace

Born: 06/14/2003

GC South Paw Polar Bear

Born: 08/22/1999

GC Vikits Prestege

Born: 08/13/1993

GC NW Tehy Grover C.

Born: 07/11/1997

GC RW Scrimshaw Rowdy of Johnorah

Born 01/06/2000

GC Artemis Amazing Grace of InStyle, DM

Born: 08/13/2000

GC Bolo Rumor Hasit of Tehy

Born: 04/25/1992

GC NW South Paw Bless My Star

Born: 07/20/1996

GC NW Marcus Mrs. Butterworth

Born: 01/13/2004

GC Noblessa's Absolut

Born: 05/24/1999

GC RW Boberan's Shaq Attack of Scrimshaw

Born: 12/19/1998

GC Agonistes Chaos of Scrimshaw

Born: 07/07/1996

GC NW Tehy Rise'n Shine

Born: 10/07/1994

GC NW Softmagic's Justin Time

Born: 03/28/1990


GC NW Marcus M'Donna, DM

Born: 06/26/1997

GC, BW, RW Jadon Jeoffrey Beene, DM

Born: 06/11/1990

GC Marcus M'Zrahi, DM

GC NW Agonistes Calamity of Newage

Agonistes Delilah of Newage

GC Cattrax Duke-O'-Earl, DM

Born: 06/03/1991

GC Budmar's Tia Maria, DM

Born: 06/08/1991

GC RW Marcus Night Hawk

Born: 07/31/2000

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