De Lindar's Persians CFA reg. cattery
De Lindar's Persians   CFA reg. cattery


If you want to know more about the kittens,

for more pictures or video clips , please read the sale

information on this page in down and send me a e-mail!

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Very important!  


Sales Information:

Please note:

do not make arrangements to view and/or pick up a kitten

after visiting another cattery’s on the same day!


Available: This kitten is for sale.

Reserved: We have a serious buyer interested in the kitten with no deposit given at this time. We reserve ourselves the right of refusal if another buyer expresses interest in the kitten, and there is no commitment to the first party.

Sale Pending  Deposit paid on kitten. This kitten will be held for the buyer until the contractual time full payment is due. All deposits are not refundable.

Sold: The kitten is paid for and is either shipped or to be shipped shortly.


 Our cattery is not a Pet Shop and our house is not a petting zoo! The cats we offer for sale are our babies that are lovingly raised underfoot in our home and are family members. We do not show a small kitten before they are vaccinated or ready to go.  We know you all want healthy babies and we do our best to make that happen and letting everyone touch and hold them makes that impossible. Remember they are babies! Thanks so much in your understanding of this. When they are ready to leave they will have had their first vaccines, and be litter trained.  We place cats/kittens in homes of our choosing and we conduct interviews (and/or references for breeder) to find the optimum home for each cat or kitten that we place. We keep our kittens for at least 12-16 weeks. All kittens are sold with a contract and as co-owning. Kittens sold as pets come with a spay/neuter agreement or already spayed/neutered, to prevent unauthorized breeding.


I reserve the right of refusal for the sale of any kitten pictured on this web-page at anytime and without explanation.


I will made a contract for every cat I would give or sell, no matter who you are or how long I have known you.  I love my friends, but want to be sure, we are all on the same page, if you want to become a part of the life of my belovedd kitties. The cats do not have the option to sign a contract with the people

 who decide to bring them into their lives. So, I guess, I am the one to do it, so they are taken care of

 to the best of my ability. I hope for your understanding!


Very important!


I recommend the shipping all kittens/cats

on direct flights whenever possible. I use the service

of GK ( animal transport service) for shipping my kittens/cats.

The shipping cost is to be pay directly by GK.

Shipping costs between 600, 00 € and 900, 00 €

(without obligation!)

plus the costs of the cat. 

(The shipping cost DOES NOT includes medical exams, requested medical tests,

 or government required stamps or documents, that is extra!)

We ship worldwide!



Contact me for a current shipping cost, because of constantly

changes the gasoline prices. Or ask me for the contact address

of GK for your inquiry! 

Sometimes it is more favorably, if you fetch

 the kitten/cat here personally.



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